Healing Pyramid for Sale

Healing Pyramids for Sale

My name is Benjamin and I've been building these pyramids for over thirty years. The whole purpose is for healing and personal growth. These pyramids have a profound affect on the energetic systems in the body and developmentally on the psyche. I personally use one all of the time, whether it be to relax by isolating myself energetically, or to work my way through what I feel to be an imbalance.

How Pyramids Heal

The healing power of the pyramid remains a mystery, but it works. I know that I have side-stepped major illnesses by working through whatever it may have been while under the pyramid. They are so grounding that, once inside, you can feel the energy clarifying and redirecting energy to how it is meant to be naturally. It is like being challenged to let go of this and embrace that (in terms of directed energy) in order to heal.

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Healing Pyramids


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