Natural Healing Definition. Body and Energy Balancing Explained.

Natural Healing Definition

What is a workable natural healing definition? How can we define the process of natural healing? What is the human body? According to modern science all material existence regardless of what form it takes is nothing but energy. For some reason it makes a difference that scientists concur with what is in actuality an ancient understanding. What I really mean to write is that even modern scientists recognize this fact.

There are plenty of folks out there who will still dispute this due to their religious beliefs. This is all fine and well, but for the purpose of this article—life is energy. Part of the confusion or refutation may be due to language. Language can be a problem. One might argue that life is love. I agree with this too. Perhaps we can find a meeting place and state that life is the energy of love.

Natural Healing Definition

Energy with Wisdom

Our reasoning then tells us that our bodies are the energy of love. That is it. My body and your body are nothing but love energy. Why does this love energy sometimes feel like pain? This is our question. The answer lies in the patterns of energy. The shape and structure of the human body—all bodies for that matter—are the result of energy patterns. Is this our natural healing definition?

We are not about to dissect these patterns and analyze them. This would be impossible. The wisdom of nature cannot be reproduced. There is another way to approach this that will give us what we need, and that is to clarify what wisdom creates and maintains these patterns. It is Mother Nature certainly but how does she manage it?

A Delicate Balance

We want very much to be able to self-diagnose and self-heal. We want to be able to understand pain in order to relieve ourselves of it. Does this mean correcting the imbalance of energy? I believe it does. How do we do this when the wisdom that created these patterns is utterly beyond us? We allow nature to rebuild its patterns with our support.

These are extremely sophisticated patterns of energy. These patterns are unbelievably subtle. It is so easy to lose perspective. We deal with things in a big way. We look at our bodies and cannot conceive of the complexity. We are dealing with arms and legs while nature is dealing with the delicate electromagnetic and resulting subatomic particles that make these arms and legs real.

Balance Gone Awry

These subtle patterns have become distorted. Something has distorted them. We are all very different and distinct as human beings—we are individuals. We look different. We sound different. However, there are some basic things that nature has to get right for all of us. Most of us are born with perfectly healthy and working bodies.

The human body is relatively universal— one heart, one digestive system, two legs, one nose, etc. There are a few extreme examples where this is not the case but all in all there are some physical prerequisites for survival and the bulk of us meet these. To this degree Mother Nature is uniform. Our bodies also have built-in support systems that come into play to correct certain internal imbalances.

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